“Matt’s food is delicious and he works with our (self-imposed) dietary restrictions. He has an amazing knack for creating meals that don’t get mushy or lose their structure when reheated. Having healthy prepared meals in our fridge at all times has CHANGED OUR LIVES, no more stress about who is going to cook, no more recycling bin full of carryout containers. Matt is very personable and friendly to the whole family and cleans the kitchen when he is done cooking! Totally recommend!”

-Sharyn Harley

“Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done the past month if Matt weren’t cooking for me. Matt’s delicious cooking has been a game-changer; besides how good the food is, it is also healthy! His lasagna, Indian-inspired dishes and stir-fry are my favorites so far. Also, I have saved money by not eating out as often. Good news all around!!”

-Jaime St. Vita

“I am so happy to have Matt cooking for me! It’s healthy, fresh and delicious. I always feel better and more energized after his meals. They get me through the week and make my life SO much easier!”

-Cassie Hermes

“Wow! Was I so happy to run across Matt just from an internet search and he was so amazing. I’m in Seattle and he’s there and worked with me remotely to provide a gift for friends of mine there who just had their first baby. The food, yum! The menu, personalized! The communication, awesome! The price, just right. The overall experience, fantastic! Thank you so much for working with me and giving such a great gift to this family I love.”

-Britta Lindborg