Why a Personal Chef?

What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a chef that prepares several meals in a person’s home at a time. Usually a week’s worth of meals. They are very knowledgeable and create custom menus for each of their clients based on their health and fitness goals, dietary restrictions and personal needs. Personal chefs are seasoned in the best cooking techniques and recipes from around the world. A whole new world of flavor opens up to you.

What are the benefits of having one?

Take control over your diet

A personal chef can cater to your diet in a way that a restaurant just can’t. Each week is a new menu and new items creating a wide variety of flavors and nutrition. These days mindful eating can take a lot of work and patience. Mindful eating is defined as “the practice of cultivating an open-minded awareness of how the food we choose to eat affects one’s body, feelings, mind, and all that is around us.” By hiring a personal chef you can eat however you would like. You can reach those diet and fitness goals you always dreamed of.

Take control of your time

Cooking at home takes an average of 10 hours per week or 1.4 hours per day. You have to plan, cook and clean the dishes and the kitchen. We live in an extremely fast paced world. Many of us just don’t have the time or the desire to cook. Many of us would rather spend time with our family or make that evening yoga class you always wanted to go to. Having meals premade for you gives you that time back.

Quality ingredients skillfully prepared

A personal chef is a professional chef with years of training and experience. They know how to pick out the most quality ingredients and have a wide array of techniques to put them together. Dinner becomes fun, exciting, and nutritious.